Green Mountain, Ascension Island

Ascension Island’s only mountain is called Green Mountain, and it’s surprisingly high at 2,817 feet (for comparison, Scafell Pike is the highest point in all of England at 3,209 feet, just 400 feet higher!). And it’s almost constantly wet, even though most parts of Ascension are barren and dry. At the tope, there’s a little dew pond in a grove of tall bamboo.

To climb Green Mountain, you drive up the narrow windy road almost as far as you can get on tarmac. There’s a tiny little car park, and a sign that forbids you from going further unless on foot. It’s an easy walk up to the pond from here, though – the first landmark you come across is the little settlement of dwellings by the bizarre “Red Lion” building. There’s also two or three small bungalows, one of which can be rented through the Obsidian hotel in Georgetown.

Red Lion


Carry on up the road, and you go through a small tunnel.

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