Wranghams is our house in Sandy Bay, St Helena. About 5 miles south of St Helena’s main town Jamestown, it sits on the top of a wooded promontory with views of Mount Actaeon and Diana’s Peak to the north and the are of Sandy Bay to the south.

The exact date of the original building is a bit unclear, but the land was first acquired by Mr Wrangham around 1750. The house retains its original form, but the inside has been renovated at least twice – first in 1974, after ownership was transferred to the St Helena Government, and again in 2016, when the house was once again in private hands. Termites (or “white ants”) have been a major problem in the past, when non-termite resistant building materials have been used. The latest renovation has used iroko hardwood and treated pine softwood throughout.


This is a photo from 1980 or so, probably taken from Mt Actaeon. Below is a gallery of more recent photos, from late 2016.



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